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2017 Executive

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President & Youth Director
+1 (204) 444-3942
Jack Boughen
Vice President
+1 (204) 326-0169
Chris Lawson
Second Vice President
+1 (204) 444-4531
Doug Collins
Past President
+1 (204) 444-2080
Don Down

+1 (204) 424-5123
Cora Hohenberg
+1 (204) 444-4652
Irene Malone
Westman Director
+1 (204) 658-3486
Dan Meggison
Kelwood Director
+1 (204) 967-2830
Duane Stewart
Director At Large
+1 (204) 485-5358
Ian Brand
Horse Council Rep & Bingo Director
+1 (204) 444-2707
Sheila McClarty
General Inquiries


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Mission Statement and Goals

Our Mission:

  • To promote the positive aspects of the sport of driving horses both competitively and for pleasure.

Our Goals:

  • To be a resource for people wishing to drive all equines recreationally and competitively.
  • To create and maintain public interest in driving as a historical, traditional, wholesome activity that contributes to the economy of our province in an ecologically safe manner.
  • To cooperate with other sport and agricultural organizations for the betterment of driving.
  • To organize, and help organize competitive and recreational events for enjoyment and skill development throughout the province.
  • To act as the official voice and resource for all driving concerns in Manitoba relating to competitions employing Equine Canada Section C Rules (Combined Driving and Pleasure Driving).
  • To support individuals or groups who are working to develop or maintain driving opportunities in Canada as it relates to our goals.
  • To maintain as the primary consideration in all our activities, the welfare of horses.
  • To educate and inform on driving methods; harnessing; driving vehicle selection and maintenance; safety; humane care and treatment of equines; safe and humane training of equines; competition skills; recreational pleasure driving skills; as well as areas available for enjoyable driving experiences.



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